Black Panther’s Biggest Easter Egg

There is a fantastic Easter egg buried in Marvel Studio’s latest box-office hit Black Panther. But this hidden gem is not the usual fodder for comic fan geek-outs or YouTube breakdowns. This Easter egg alludes to something surprisingly transcendent.

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Kanye West and the Third Space: An artist’s complicated relationship to living in an as-if space

Before I launch into any kind of examination or commentary on what I am about to attempt to understand, I should offer the following disclaimer. While I have found Kanye […]

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The Day Beyoncé Rocked the Super Bowl: An exploration into why Beyoncé’s performance turned into a controversy; Or, How Media are Confronting Privilege, Part 1

Unless you have managed to escape all popular culture within the United States, you are likely aware that the Super Bowl happened not too long ago.  You are also likely […]

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